All Aboard!

Tonight marks the mid-way point of the series ‘On The Yorkshire Buses’ with the episode ‘Breaking Buses’. As I mentioned in a past blog post, I was a Runner for The Garden Productions/Channel 5 on a new ob-doc series they were filming in Hull (I showed a picture of me driving a bus at the end of filming). It has been airing on Channel 5 from 11th July and it has been quite a success! 1.2 million viewers for the first episode (beating Million Pound Drop) and was the highest rated show of the night which beat the usual 900,000 viewers for that slot and carried on that trend in the weeks following.

Broadcast PR

It was my very first long-term broadcast role and I am very proud to say that I received my first broadcast credit as a Runner! I was over the moon when it appeared on TV, so happy that I took a picture!

broadcast credit

So what did I do as a Runner? Well I did a lot. The usual duties of the entry-level role, but also Boom Mic Operation with it 🙂 I also got to work with the Researcher and get involved with casting and location securing as well as working in the Production Office and being a PA to the Series Producer. It was a long hard shoot, going from being a part-time role from the very first day, then turned to full-time halfway through and worked up until a day after all the crew left to return to London. I had a great time, got to work in all the areas of the EYMS in Hull. I spent time in the station, in control rooms, the depot and on countless buses with hundreds of drunk students to OAP’s going for their shopping. I was so proud to be involved with such a positive documentary based around Hull, as we have been getting a lot of bad press lately, and am so pleased that everyone is enjoying it. If you think it’s fun to watch, it was twice as fun to film.

Fridays 8pm on Channel 5!