My acting favourites

I thought I would go on a different angle with this blog post, as I would like to talk about some of the amazing actors I have worked with over my years at university, and who are off onto bigger and better things. As a Producer for many of the past short films I have made, I like to think that I have some form of radar when looking for talent and that I am actually good at the whole casting bit. With the work of the teams I have been in, we have cast a large array of actors, all with varying experience. I would like to talk about three actors who were not only a pleasure to work with, but also are hugely talented. Michael

Michael Hutchinson

Now I met Michael when we were casting for our 2nd year fictional film as part of our single camera unit. Acting was his hobby and not his course, which made him very interesting and actually very well prepared for short film making. Even though the film turned out not so great (nothing to do with him, but a production team fault) his acting shone through, also with his co-star Dan Willcocks. He is such a lovely guy and after finishing his degree, has been accepted into the TVI Actors Studio Course in New York! He is there right now and seems to be doing extremely well and you can follow his acting escapades at this acting facebook page- 




Jay Walters
JayThe director of Forlorn (our 3rd year final piece) had worked with Jay before and he was just what we needed from our main thug in the story. He is such a great guy and has appeared as an extra in a few big films before and he is hugely talented at what he does. After working with us, he has gone onto star as an extra in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and has made the final cut in this huge blockbuster. He also runs his own photography business.





Tom Broad Tom Broad

Now what can I say about Tom Broadhurst (his full name), he is such a great guy! He was our main actor in Forlorn and he did a stirling job, considering how much of his time what we took up over several months and practically consumed his 2nd year at university. I know it was a very steep learning curve for Tom, but he was perfect. Considering we auditioned him for one of Jay Walters sidekicks, he fit perfectly into the main role. When you get 2 great actors in the same space and let them roll with it, magic happens. This happened between Jay and Tom during one of the final scenes in Forlorn (see it on my film page). Since then, Tom has finished his degree, topping it off with some stunning performances over the past year, and appeared in a recent short film of mine ‘Avoidance’ (which is also on my film page). He was such a pleasure to work with (as always) and we filmed it all within one day! He is now stepping out into the world on his own and I wish him every success. If you are looking for an actor, here is his facebook: