“Almost 40 minutes! You’ve got to be joking!”

Yes this was my reaction when I discovered how long our final film for university was going to be. We thought we were going to struggle for 20- 25minutes so this was a shock!

I am sat writing this from my hometown of Hull, having a welcomed break from Lincoln and the life I have just left behind. The film ‘Forlorn’ has been my life for the past 6 months or so and as the Producer, I still cannot get the film out of my head and have been on a promotional campaign for a few days now. No words can do justice to how much this film has tested and strained the resolve of myself and the director as well as how much of my heart, soul and every waking moment has been put into making it a reality. I wish I had kept a blog of our progress but we needed every single second!

So, what is our 37 minute and 50 second epic about? Well ‘Forlorn’ is a gritty psychological drama which tells the story of aspiring photographer Ben Broadhurst. When an event dramatically changes his life, his world falls apart and he has to deal with the physical and psychological effects. Ben’s career and relationship start to fall apart as he struggles to deal with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). When forced to seek help by his wavering girlfriend, he visits a therapist, but things take an unexpected turn for the worse.

Just as a little summary, we had a 14/15 strong cast and crew, which is rather large for a student production, as well as being partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, thanks very much to our backers! We have also just displayed our work publicly at the University of Lincoln Media Degree Show, a trailer of which you can see here and we briefly appear in it too. Over the 3 days, we received some fantastic feedback about the film and we were over the moon.

This is the dream team of myself, Nev (editor) and Dave (director) outside of the screening.
This is the box file that we submitted for our final piece. Yes, the box file almost didn’t close and a lot of that paperwork was completed by me and was all designed by me too.
So, what’s been happening since then? Well we put our film online, a link that is displayed at the bottom of this post, and within a few days we had over 200 views, something we were not expecting from a 40min film on Youtube. It was not our first choice of displaying the film, however for other sites we have to pay and we cannot afford anything over than film festival entries. We have also submitted it to the university to be considered to be put forward for the Royal Television Society Student Awards, which we have our fingers crossed for. It’s quite crazy the response we have received and are so grateful for all of the feedback we have. I have also been asked quite a lot of questions from other media students and practically had an interview over facebook from an a-level media student!
So, here is the film! I could fill hundreds of blog posts all about every stage of this film, but I wouldn’t want to bore anyone to death. Forlorn Link!