Best laid plans…

So we are coming towards the end of June and all of a sudden my life has started to take a change in direction. Just as an update, I went for an interview in Leeds for a Photography Internship which I really wanted, but had to turn it down due to financial aspects *gutted*.

I was randomly emailed the other day too. A member of the university blogging team had found my posts online about the film Forlorn, that was in the last post, and had asked me to write about my experience as a student film producer! Very excited and it went up online very quickly, something of which you can see here.
I have also applied for a lot of internships or summer placements, I have found that I can’t just walk straight into a full-time job so will build up my experience while I am back at home in Hull. Got an interview which is on wednesday, as well as waiting to hear from several other ones.