So, I graduated from my Media Production course at the University of Lincoln around 2 weeks ago. It feels weird to not have a purpose anymore but apply for any sort of job going. I know some very talented and deserving people who walked straight into a job but I thought I would write a blog post based on a few tips that have helped me now I have graduated.
  1. Be Selfish
This is your time to get your head together and have some time for yourself. After 3 years of jumping through hoops and working hard it is time to take a break. This could be anything that you want to do; I chose to have a few gaming and film days as well as get myself back into shape after abusing my body with food, alcohol and lack of sleep over the past 3 years. By re-charging your batteries, it really puts into perspective how much you have left to do, but gives you the brain power to do it. Over this time, it’s good to have a think about yourself in general, think about where you want to go with your life, career and all the wonderful things you are going to say about yourself in CV and interviews. If you feel you need more work experience, get it in this time before it’s too late!
  1. Don’t be afraid to make the jump
The jump can mean anything such as deciding to move back home while looking for a job, moving away for a job or deciding to stay in the place that you studied. Every decision at this point is a big step so no matter how small you think it is, just take it and embrace it.
  1. Get yourself into a routine
One thing that I have been finding is that I love sleep-ins! How amazing are they?! But it comes to the point where you fall completely out of your sleeping pattern and have nothing to get up for anymore. You need a routine, end of. So what I do is get up at a decent time, go to the gym every other day, shower, do some job hunting and then apply to anything I find. The rest of the day is then mine to be selfish with but I have got up and felt I have accomplished something. I think that this is something that a pro-active graduate needs to do and will help when you finally get that job.
  1. Sign on
So, we have worked for 3 years on getting a degree and what do we find at the end, becoming unemployed. It is a horrible feeling knowing that you’ve probably spent your last student loan installment and do not have any other money coming in the near future. A misconception is that you must wait until your graduation ceremony (in my case September) to claim, but this is not true. There will be a completion date for your course, which you can find out from your university, and it would be a good idea to sign on at the job centre. This is a way to keep funding yourself and will give you some financial help when it comes to traveling to interviews and general living expenses.
  1. Keep positive!
There is nothing more important than keeping positive and this means about everything that you do. Just keep the faith and always keep on eye on the light at the end of the tunnel.