I nearly dropped my iPad…

So, after the last post I have had rather a busy and exciting time, so apologies for the lack of blogging!

So in the big news, I got a First Class Honours degree!! I actually did it! I almost dropped my iPad in shock and nearly screamed the house down with joy. Many happy dances were had, I can assure you that.

I also went for an interview with Frequency Festival for a Production Assistant internship, however I was unsuccessful and was very gutted about it. Even though it was not the outcome I wanted, I did come in the top 2 and had such a good experience and made some valuable contacts from this. They have not heard the last of me as I am now applying for other roles within the festival.

And then another blogging activity! I was asked to put my article about my ‘This Morning’ work experience on my University website. You can view the article here and see all the other talented people at my university! I think I might have this self- PR malarkey underway and I am trying anything just to get a chance to work in my dream industry.

Also I have something on the horizon that I will blog about in the next few days!