“I’ve got some biggg stuff going on…”

I know that people tried to warn me that the world of media was a complete whirlwind but I really couldn’t prepare myself for what has happened in the past week. The big news is that I am moving from Hull to Northampton on saturday and moving in with my wonderful and supportive boyfriend Mikey! He is working in Daventry and thought it was a great location to try my luck as a freelancer in London.

I am glad to report it seems to be working. As well as packing my life away into boxes, saying goodbye to friends and family as well as finish off the wedding video I made, I have had some curveballs thrown at me in terms of work. I was away with 4Crew for the 4Talent Day in Middlesbrough thursday/friday last week, when I received a call about Location Assistant/Runner work. I travelled into London for a chat on Monday and then today randomly had a call out of the blue about a potential job with another company very soon! What makes it better is that I was recommended for the job and never even applied for it. I don’t want to jinx it, but I really want it.

So just a heads up, with all of this going on, my work updates and blog posts will be a bit sparse for a while. But I am sure I can be forgiven while a girl moves out of her family home…