Ugh, just slap my wrists…

I started quite strong when I said I would keep up with this but then from July last year, I just lost it! Ugh, bad Leash! *slaps wrists*

However, there is a very good reason for this. If I was my July 2013 self, I would not believe what has happened in the past 9 months and I’m sure the blogging world would forgive me when I say I have been a very busy bee. Buzz buzz…

So! What have I been up to? I always feel that lists can convey information effectively but I shall start with a picture…

Yes, I am driving a bus! But I assure you I have not changed career paths
So since I last posted I have:
  • Graduated with a First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Media Production in September
  • Helped out a Cottingham High’s summer school
  • Worked as a Marketing Assistant Intern at H&H Communications
  • Got a job as a Runner on a Channel 5/The Garden Productions documentary about EYMS bus company (hence the photo). Went from part-time to full-time position and worked for over 2 and half months.
  • Conducted 6th Form university talks and lectured at Lincoln University
  • Held a talk at St Marys school for BTEC Media students
  • Became a media mentor for a new university initiative 
  • Production Assistant Internship at Warp Films (1 month)
  • Made a short film for Sundance London
  • 1st Assistant Director for “God’s of Vengeance” book trailer with Urban Apache Films
  • Gained a place on Skillset Film Trainee Finder as a Locations Trainee
  • Became 4Crew Production Manager (but more info on that soon)
Phew! You can see why right? However, I do promise not to forget to blog as I have an exciting year coming up with some possible great prospects also on the cards! Oh yeah, and that damn website- this does not reflect well does it…